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Surviving Spring Break

Surviving Spring Break

  • Be aware of your surrounding and share your locations with a family member or friend.
  • If something makes you uncomfortable, follow your intuition.
  • If it sound to good to be true... IT IS!! - Scams are Everywhere
  • Don't assume that someone you've just met will look out for your best interest.
  • Only “Yes” is consent. And if you change your mind, that’s okay too.
  • Don't Text and Drive - It's the Law!
  • Don't Drink and Drive - Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over!
  • No matter what you're drinking, watch your cup.
  • If you're going out of town, make sure someone back home knows where you'll be (hotel name, etc.).
  • Travel in pairs when walking or partying.
  • If you're taking a road trip, make sure your car is road-ready ahead of time.
  • Never leave your doors unlocked or opened. 

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