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Tornados, like hurricanes, have watched and warnings.  A tornado is a violent windstorm with a twisting, funnel-shaped cloud.  It is spawned by a thunderstorm or a hurricane and is produced when cool air overrides a layer of warm air, forcing the warm air to rise rapidly.  Tornados are also seasonal (March-August) and normally occur in the afternoons and evenings, but if the conditions are right, they can happen anytime, anywhere.

Suggested Safety Tips
If outdoors, get inside immediately.  In the absence of shelter, lie in a ditch or low-lying area or crouch near a strong building, using your arms to protect your head and neck.  Avoid standing underneath a single large tree, especially in an open area. 

If in a car, stay in the car with emergency flashers on, pull safely onto the shoulder of the road away from any trees, power lines and flooded roadways.  Unless it’s a tornado, get out of the car, seek shelter or a low-lying area away from the car.

If on campus or in an off-campus residence, go to a “safe room”, or get under a sturdy piece of furniture or in the bathtub under a mattress.  If you are in a mobile home or “trailer type” office space-GET OUT.

The latest news from wildcat country...

B-CU Hosts Free Summer Academy for Local Children

Approximately 100 elementary school-age children descended on the campus of Bethune-Cookman University for a Summer Academy for rising third, fourth and fifth graders. Frolicking across the green lawns of the institution, the young students learned not only the basics such as reading, math and science, but also the importance of attending college and planning their future careers.


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