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Division of Administration & Student Services Staff

Administration & Student Services Office Staff
Dwaun Warmack Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack
Senior Vice President for Administration & Student Services
Phone: 386-481-2494
Email: warmackd@cookman.edu 

Connie Zentz Connie Zentz
Executive Assistant
to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Student Services
Phone: 386-481-2494
Email: zentzc@cookman.edu 

Cynthia Polk-Johnson Cynthia Polk-Johnson
Associate Vice-President for Administration & Student Services/Dean of Students
Phone: 386-481-2494
Email: johnsoncy@cookman.edu 
Kathleen Welch Kathleen Welch
Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
Phone: 386-4812495
Email: welchk@cookman.edu 

Valencia Cooper Valencia Cooper
Assistant Vice-President
for Assessment and Disability Services
Phone: 386-481-2170
Email: cooperv@cookman.edu 
Warren Heusner Warren Heusner
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 
Phone: 386-481-2620
Email: heusnerw@cookman.edu 

Cathy Washington Cathy Washington
Director of Special Projects & Programs
Phone: 386-481-2540
Email: washinca@cookman.edu 

Counseling Services
Dr. Joi Niles Dr. Joi Niles
Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 386-481-2462
Email: nilesd@cookman.edu 

Shatira Jacobs Shatira Jacobs
Assistant Director
Counseling Services
Phone: 386-481-2765
Email: jacobss@cookman.edu 

Student Conduct
Gregory Smith Gregory Smith
Director of Student Conduct
Phone: 386-481-2901
Email: smtihgr@cookman.edu 

David AllenRev. David Allen
Dean of the Chapel / Executive Chaplain
Phone: 386-481-2497
Email: allend@cookman.edu
Kenya LovellRev. Kenya Lovell
Phone: 386-481-2454
Email: lovellk@cookman.edu  

Connie McMillian Connie McMillian
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2249
Email: mcmillianc@cookman.edu 

Student Health Services
Lois Dean Lois Dean
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2920
Email: deanl@cookman.edu 
Cesarino Bello Cesarina Bello
Assistant Director of Student Health Services / Staff Nurse
Phone: 386-481-2157
Email: belloc@cookman.edu 

Residence Life
Cletra Peters Cletra Peters
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 386-481-2142
Email: petersc@cookman.edu 

John Range John Range
Assistant Director for Facilities
and Operations
Phone: 386-481-6297
Email: rangejo@cookman.edu 
Mildred Horne Mildred Horne
Administrative Assistant,
Residence Life
Phone: 386-481-2424
Email: hornem@cookman.edu 

Jessica Dickson Jessica Dickson
Assistant Director/Resident Life Coordinator
Curtis Hall
Phone: 386-481-2430
Email: dicksonj@cookman.edu 
Carretta King-Butler Carretta King-Butler
Residence Life Coordinator,
Ja-Flo Hall
Phone: 386-481-2434
Email: butlerc@cookman.edu 

Lanita HolseyLanita Holsey
Residence Life Coordinator,
Joyner Hall
Phone: 386-481-2407
Email: holseyl@cookman.edu 
Diane Murray Diane Murray
Residence Life Coordinator,
Scholarship & Leadership Houses
Phone: 386-481-2597
Email: murrayd@cookman.edu 

Rachel BoguilleRachel Boguille
Residence Life Coordinator,
Phone: 386-481-2140
Email: boguiller@cookman.edu 
Deneen Adams Deneen Adams
Residence Life Coordinator,
Meigs Hall
Phone: 386-481-2432
Email: adamsd@cookman.edu 

Prince RobertsonPrince Robertson
Residence Life Coordinator,
Bronson Complex
Phone: 386-481-2427
Email: robertsonp@cookman.edu
Steven Campbell Steven Campbell
Residence Life Coordinator,
LeFerve Hall
Phone: 386-481-2422
Email: campbells@cookman.edu 

William StaffordWilliam Stafford
Residence Life Coordinator,
Lee Rhyant
Phone: 386-481-2881
Email: staffordw@cookman.edu

Student Involvement

Emanuel LaLandeEmmanuel Lalande
Assistant Dean of Students/
Director of Student Involvement
Wildcat Student Center, Suite #7
Phone: 386-481-2101
Email: lalandee@cookman.edu 

Anthony Owens Anthony Owens
Assistant Director of Student Involvement 
and Leadership Programs
Phone: 386-481-2141
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: owensa@cookman.edu 
Donielle Cyprian Donielle Cyprian
Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Student Leardership and Activities
Wildcat Student Center Suite #4
Phone: 386-481-2117
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: cypriand@cookman.edu 

Carolyn Reynolds Carolyn Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
Student Involvement
Wildcat Student Center, Suite #6
Phone: 386-481-2425
Email: reynoldc@cookman.edu 
Iris Johnson-Quinn Iris Johnson-Quinn
Coordinator of Multi-cultural
and International Student Services
Wildcat Student Center, Suite #3
Phone: 386-481-2171
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: johnsoni@cookman.edu 

Cynthia Gray Cynthia B. Gray
Coordinator of Intramurals and Recreation Programs
and Organizations
Wildcat Student Center
Phone: 386-481-2172
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: grayc@cookman.edu 
Jessica Horton Jessica Horton
Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement
Wildcat Student Center Suite #1
Phone: 386.481.2130
Fax: 386. 481.2895
Email: Jessica.horton

Patricia KreslPatricia Kresl
Phone: 386-481-2523
Email: kreslp@cookman.edu 
Shantell CharlotShantell Charlot
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 386-481-2851
Email: culmers@cookman.edu 

Loretta Cooper Loretta Cooper
Temp. Transcript Specialist/Records
Phone: 386-481-2544
Email: cooperl@cookman.edu 
Tammy Gray Tammy Gray
Data Analyst/VA Representative
Phone: 386-481-2521
Email: grayt@cookman.edu 

Ossie Hall Ossie Hall
Supervisor of Records
Phone: 386-481-2583
Email: hallo@cookman.edu 
Cherryann Willis Cherryann R. Willis
Student Service Specialist
Phone: 386-481-2528
Email: willisc@cookman.edu &

Elaine Gerty Elaine Gerty
Front Office Manager
Phone: 386-481-2522
Email: gertye@cookman.edu 

Financial Aid
Calvin DavisCalvin Davis
Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 386-481-2781
Email: davisca@cookman.edu 

Salina Hamilton Mrs. Salina C.D. Hamilton
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 386-481-2628
Email: hamiltonsd@cookman.edu
Sarah Austin Sarah Austin
Sr. Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2685
Email: austins@cookman.edu 
Kathy Desmore-Reeves Kathy Desmore-Reeves
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2622
Email: desmorek@cookman.edu 

Benjale Bailey Benjale Bailey
Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2648
Email: baileyj@cookman.edu 
Veronica Evans Veronica Evans
Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2024
Email: evansv@cookman.edu 

Mary Fikes Mary Fikes
Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2629
Email: fikesm@cookman.edu 
Shaila Estes Shaila Estes
Imaging Coordinator
Phone: 386-481-2630
Email: estess@cookman.edu 

Reynolda Brown, Director of AdmissionsReynolda Brown
Director of Admissions
Phone: 386-481-2602
Email: brownr@cookman.edu 

Junelle McCall, Associate Director of AdmissionsJunelle McCall
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 386-481-2607
Email: mccallj@cookman.edu 

Malik Billy "Malik" Dajuste
Senior Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2606
Email: dajusteb@cookman.edu 
Gerald Richardson, Admissions Counselor Gerald Richardson
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2617
Email: richardsong@cookman.edu 

Ronda Bostick, Admissions Counselor Ronda Bostick
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2647
Email: bostickr@cookman.edu 
Treran Porter, Admissions Counselor Treran Porter
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2615
Email: portert@cookman.edu 

Stacey Speller Stacey Speller
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2612
Email: spellers@cookman.edu 
Sheila Kogan Sheila Kogan
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2613
Email: kogans@cookman.edu 

Janice McIntosh Janice McIntosh
Tour Coordinator
Phone: 386-481-2645
Email: mcintoshj@cookman.edu 
Christina Arnold Christina Arnold
Tour Coordinator Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2610
Email: arnoldc@cookman.edu 

Pauline Cola Pauline Cola
Correspondence & Credentials Manager
Phone: 386-481-2641
Email: colap@cookman.edu 
Debbie Dionne Debbie Dionne
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2611
Email: dionned@cookman.edu 

Sherry Goulet Sherri Goulet
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2609
Email: goulets@cookman.edu 
Marie Thompson Marie Thompson
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2616
Email: thompsonm@cookman.edu 

Jamaler Cooper Jamaler Cooper
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2608
Email: cooperj@cookman.edu 
Tanesha Strickland Tanesha Strickland
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2618
Email: stricklandt@cookman.edu 

The latest news from wildcat country...

B-CU Hosts Free Summer Academy for Local Children

Approximately 100 elementary school-age children descended on the campus of Bethune-Cookman University for a Summer Academy for rising third, fourth and fifth graders. Frolicking across the green lawns of the institution, the young students learned not only the basics such as reading, math and science, but also the importance of attending college and planning their future careers.


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