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Room Rates and Specifications

 Residence Hall Designation Add. Services 2011-2012
 Lee Rhyant-Honors Hall Freshmen & Upperclassmen

Co-educational & Suite Style
 Cafe, LB, CR,
 Bronson  Freshmen

Males only & Corridor Style
(3 students per room)
 Bronson Annex  Upperclassmen

Males only & Suite Style
 CL, LB, SA  $4274
 LeFevre  Upperclassmen

Males only & Corridor Style
 CL, LB, SA  $4274
 Curtis  Freshman

Females only & Corridor Style
 LB, SA  $4274
 Joyner Hall  Freshman

Females only & Corridor Style
(3 students per room)
 JaFlo Davis  Freshmen

Females only & Suite Style
 LB, SR, CL  $4274
 Meigs  Freshman

Females only & Corridor Style
 LB, SA  $4274
Lee, Thompson & Moore
 Freshmen (Thompson Hall)

Females only & Suite Style
 CL, LB, SR  $4274
 Pugh & Zimmerman
Scholarship Houses

Females (Pugh)
Males (Zimmerman) Suite Style
 CL, SR, K  $2137

CL- Computer Lab LB- Lobby Cafe-Cafeteria CR-Classrooms SA-Study Area
SR- Study Room K-Kitchen

*All Housing Rates are listed per semester

*Prices are subject to change

 Residence Hall Dorm Size Window Size
 Lee Rhyant  26 FT X 11 FT  57”H X 50” W
 Meigs  15 FT X 10 FT  54”H X 78’W
 Ja-Flo  15 FT X 14FT  36”H X 73”W
Lee, Moore & Thompson
 15 FT X 15FT  38”H X 106”W
 Bronson  26 FT X 11 FT  51” H X 37”W
 Bronson Annex  15 FT X 12 FT  54”H X 42” W
 LeFevre  12 FT X 13 FT  55”H X 28”W
 Curtis  16 FT X 10 FT  60”H X 68”W
 Joyner  26 FT X 11 FT  51” H X 37”W
 Pugh & Zimmerman
Scholarship Houses
 13 FT X 16 FT  60 “H X 34.5”W

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