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Roommate Etiquette

  1. Within the first few days of move in sit down with your roommate and discuss your expectations and concerns. (ex. Visitors, shared spaces etc..)
  2. Establish ground rules, such as how to deal with common areas, cleaning duties etc.  These will ensure that you and your roommate are on the same page. 
  3. Be respectful of each other's space.  Do not sit on your roommate's bed without permission. 
  4. Be respectful of your roommate's/housemate's schedule.  If you and your roommate/housemate have opposite schedules, be quiet when he or she is resting.  Use headphones at those times when listening to music/watching videos. 
  5. Some roommate share staple foods, but that should be discussed beforehand.  Otherwise eat only what you have purchase. 
  6. Be friendly, but be aware everyone has days/times when they do not want to talk.  Respect that.
  7. Successful housemate/roommate relationships boil down to respect and communication.  When in doubt, talk about the issue.  Being passive aggressive is rude and ineffective.  Best friends or buddies is not the goal with communication lines, it is to keep the shared living areas running smoothly. A situation where you each take responsibility for your own possessions, and daily living helps increase respect between suitemates.   
  8. Only handle your roommate's property with their permission.
  9. Monitor your guests.  Make sure that your guest respects your roommates' side of the room whether they are present or not.
  10. Keep your music and TV at a respectful level. Headphones are always a great option.
  11. Social media should not be used to vent about a roommate issue.  Communicate how you are feeling.  Your building RA's and RLC's can help mediate.
  12. Treat your roommate as you wish to be treated.

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