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How can I get my student PIN?

  • If you are a new student, contact the academic advisement office
  • Contact your advisor
  • If you still can’t get your pin, contact CIT helpdesk

How can I get my faculty or staff PIN & ID?

  • If you are a new employee, your PIN and ID will be created and emailed to you after necessary paperwork in HR has been completed
  • If you are not a new employee, contact the CIT helpdesk

Can’t log on the wildcat web?

  • Remember: The login to wildcat web is case-sensitive
  • If you have been trying to login more than 10 times, you have been disabled, contact CIT help desk to unlock your account
  • If you get the error message “page can’t be displayed”, the system is offline. Try logging in after a few minutes and check email to see if the system is experiencing a problem or update

Lost my PIN?

  • Contact the CIT help desk

Can’t see any student tabs?

  • Contact the helpdesk. You are missing the student and advisee roles access

Can’t see courses I teach?

  • You have the wrong faculty ID number. Contact the Registrar office

Can’t see some of my budgets?

  • You have not been given access to that budget.  Contact your supervisor to request access for you.

How can I print to my office printer?

  • Your printer needs to be set up. Contact CIT help desk

Why wont my report print?

  • Check message on your spool files
  • Printer may be ended. Call Help desk

Why is my report not running?

  • Report selections may not be correct
  • Report job may be locked
  • You may not have access to files
  • If any, or all above scenarios are true, contact the help desk

How can I have access to function(s) not in my menu?

  • Contact the help desk

Can’t sign on to the iSeries?

  • If system tells you that you can’t sign on, your account may be disabled. Contact the helpdesk
  • If can’t see sign on screen, the system is down. Try logging in after a few minutes and check email to see if the system is experiencing a problem or update

How can my new hires get trained?

  • Check Administrative Computing web pages for training information
  • Contact the help desk

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