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University Analysis Project

As we look toward the future for Bethune-Cookman, we face new challenges as our traditional sources of revenue decline and we look for new ways to address the needs of our students and meet the University's mission.

Update: University Analysis and Planning Project

To keep Faculty and Staff informed and updated on the University Analysis and Planning project, B-CU is launching two tools:
  • The project email box, which is designed for you to:
    • Ask questions. You can email your questions about the project. The answers will be posted on the project's blog (see below) under the "Questions and Answers" section.
    • Suggest ideas and recommendations. If you have an idea and/or recommendation to help the project meet its goals, you can submit it through the project's email box. While we encourage everyone to go to their respective Faculty or Staff Project Representative with ideas/recommendations, we are offering the email box as another alternative to share your ideas.

      Ideas/recommendations will be reviewed and then submitted to the Project Committees (as appropriate). Let us know whether or not you want your name included with your idea/recommendation when it is shared with the appropriate Committee.
Send your questions or suggestions to universityanalysis@cookman.edu

  • The project blog, which is designed to:
    • Provide information about the project. The blog will start by providing background information on why B-CU is undertaking the University Analysis and Planning Project.
    • Share relevant news articles. Each week, news articles will be posted to provide additional information.
    • Share your thoughts. Allow you to share your thoughts about the topics posted on the site.

The blog will be updated at least weekly - and more often if needed. You'll receive an email notice when new information is available.

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