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The College of Undergraduate Studies Values

The College of Undergraduate Studies is a comprehensive first- year experience designed to provide students with a historical context in which to view the school and the core values that are important to the institution. Further, the College of Undergraduate Studies provides a network of resources to help students as they matriculate so that students are prepared for success in their upper- level classes. The College of Undergraduate Studies does this with a core of dedicated faculty, staff and student success coaches who are committed to the success of first- year students and who understand the unique challenges many of these students face. Additionally, Peer Facilitators serve to help students with the transition from high school to college.


The main objective of the College of Undergraduate Studies is to provide a standard of academic excellence for all students regardless of whether or not remediation is needed in General Education courses. The College of Undergraduate Studies provides on going activities and curriculum designed to aid in student retention.

Core Values

  • High Academic Standards
  • Faculty and Peer Mentoring
  • Accurate and Intrusive Academic Advisement
  • Academic and Social Support
  • Community Service
  • Faculty Development

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