Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I register for graduate courses at B-CU before being admitted to the program?

A. Yes, if you have earned a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. Check for details about B-CU Non-degree Studies program. Up to 9 credits of graduate level Non-degree coursework may transfer into a graduate program if it meets requirements outlined in the university catalog. Note that any "C" grades earned in Non-degree status are not eligible for transfer.

Q. When are the application deadlines for the graduate programs?

A. Fall 2011-2012 August 1, 2011
    Spring 2011-2012 November 15, 2011
    Summer 2011-2012 April 13, 2012

Q. What happens if my application is not complete by end of the admission cycle?

A. Students whose application files become complete after the deadlines may be considered for admission if space is available and time allows. Students whose application file becomes complete too late for the term will be considered for admission in the following semester. No additional application or fee is required.

Q. What is a thesis?

A. A thesis usually poses and answers a significant research question roughly equivalent to a single publication in a professional scientific journal. The student performs a series of experiments while supervised by their faculty advisor, writes a formal thesis based on these results, and presents a public defense (verbal presentation) of this work. Both the defense and the final draft of the thesis must be approved by all members of the student's graduate thesis committee.

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