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Frequently Asked Questions for the Registrar's Office


•  How do I receive a transcript?

    1. a.   Go to B-CU website www .cookman.edu main page. Click on Academics, click on Registrar, click on Forms. Print the transcript request form to mail or fax to the Office of the Registrar. Detailed procedures are also on the Registrar web page.

      b.   Use the National Student Clearinghouse website www.getmytranscript.com to order your transcript 24/7.  There are options available: fax, mail, express mail, pick up, and electronic pdf.

      c.   To request and collect your transcript for the office, pay at the Cashiers' Office ($5 official transcript, $3 unofficial transcript) and bring receipt to the Registrar's Office. Transcripts can be picked up after 4:00p.m IF ordered before 12:00p.m.

      d.   For a free unofficial transcript for current students, go to the Wildcat Web, click on My Grades and then click on All Divisions All Terms. Transcript can be printed from any computer or you can use the computers in the Registrar's Office.

• What if I have a balance hold- how can I get my transcript?

a.   Balance hold prevents processing oftranscripts. Call the Bursars Office (386 4812507) to discuss. Transcript requests will not be processed for former or current students with balance holds.

• I ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse and I am having trouble using their website.

a.   Call the Registrar's Office transcript clerk (386 4812583).  Instructions are available and the clerk can guide you through the ordering process.

b.   For further  help, call the National Student Clearinghouse (703 742 4200).


•   I cannot register on the Wildcat Web...there  is a financial hold on my account. What do I need to do?

a.   You will need to contact the Bursars Office showing proofthat you have enough financial aid to cover the cost of tuition  for the upcoming semester and tell the Bursars Office how you will cover any balance (ifthere is a balance), and

b.   They will clear you to register.

c.   Then you would need to go back to the Wildcat Web and change the term to the appropriate term and proceed to register for classes.

•   What happens if I forget to clear my balance before the deadline?

a.   If students forget to clear balances, schedules will be deleted, and they must register again before the last day to add classes.

•  Can I get a refund for classes that I drop?

a.   Refunds are handled in the Bursars Office, who will post the dates for a refund.  The refund policy is printed in the current catalog. Students may only receive refunds for courses that are cancelled by the university.

•  What happens if I register for a class but decide not to attend the class?

a.   Students must drop courses by the last day to register (end of first week of class) to avoid being charged for classes they do not attend.

•  When can I register?

a.   Please check  the  dates  on  the  current  year  academic  calendar  for  early   online registration dates. Remember to advance register to secure your seat.

•  What is considered full-time status?

a.   A student registered for 12 or more hours is full-time.

•  What is considered part-time status?

a.   A student registered for less than 12 hours is part-time.

•    I am an incoming freshman. Why can't I register now?

a.    New students must take placement tests before they can register unless they have been exempted.

•    How can I know if I have been exempted?

a.   Refer to Testing & Evaluations in the Gale Lemerand Nursing Building Room #173 or at 386-481-2306

•  What is the placement test?

a.   The placement test consists ofthree parts-reading, English, and math?

•  Why do I have to take the test?

a.   It is the administrative  academic policy.

•   How high do I need to score in order to take all college courses?

a.   The Testing Center will be able to assist you with that information when you schedule your testing appointment.

•  I am a first semester freshman. I will be arriving late,when can I register?

a.   Please notify the Admissions Office, they will notify other departme.nts.

•   I am dissatisfied- how do I get my monies back?

a.   Refer to the Bursars Office.  If you have registered and classes have started, you would have to withdraw from the institution.

•   If I withdraw from school,do I have to submit a re-admission application form?  Yes

a.   Students may complete an Application for Re-Admission, by July 30 for the fall semester or by November 30 for the spring semester. The nonrefundable application fee is $25.00. The student will be informed in writing ofthe decision by the Registrar's Office. Former students whose college education has been interrupted for five or more years must complete the most recent curriculum in the major as shown in the current undergraduate catalog. Before proceeding in the major area, students re-entering after10 years or more will be required to demonstrate proficiency, through examination, in courses previously taken at B-CU.

Transfer of Credit

•   DEVELOPMENTAL COURSES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE:  Although Bethune-Cookman University accepts courses transferred from other institutions  that lead to a college degree at this institution, it does not accept developmental/remedial courses from other institutions.


•  What are all the responsibilities of a candidate for graduation?

   Responsibilities of graduating students include the following:

a) Apply for graduation prior to the start of your last semester;

b)Register for and participate in the graduation course- GRAD 450

c) Satisfy all academic requirements (this means passingcourses with the appropriate required minimum grade);

d) Order cap, gown, and invitations by posted deadlines (check with the Bookstore);

e) Satisfy all financial obligations (this include parking tickets, library fines, housing fines, etc.);

f) Pay appropriate graduation fee by April 25th 2014;

g) Complete financial aid online exit interview  by April 25th 2014;

h) Participate in the graduating class meetings;

i) Check B-CU website for commencement information;

j) Participate in the graduation events, if possible;

k) During the week of graduation, pick up complimentary admission tickets for guests to attend the Commencement Ceremony;

l) Comply with the dress code for academic regalia. NO HANDBAGS AT CONSECRATION & COMMENCEMENT

•   If I do not complete all my academic requirements this semester, may I still walk in the Commencement  Ceremony?

a.   NO. According to the long standing University policy, students must complete all graduation requirements (academic and financial) in order to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.

•   If I submit a graduation  application for this semester but do not successfully complete all graduation requirements this semester,do I have to submit another degree application for next semester?

a.   YES. Students must re-apply for graduation so we can re-audit and make sure you are taking the appropriate courses to ensure your ability to graduate the next time around.

•  For students who finish all graduation  requirements during the summer, what will be the date on their transcripts  and diplomas?

a.   The official date on the transcript and the diploma for summer graduates will be the last day ofthe summer semester. Summer graduates may request official copies oftheir transcripts once all final grades have been posted and all graduation requirements (academic and financial) have been met. Please be sure to indicate if you are expecting a graduation date to be posted on your transcript as awarding degrees takes additional time after all grades are finally submitted.

•  For students who finish all graduation  requirements in the summer,when will they receive their  diplomas?

a.   Summer graduates will receive their diplomas at the Fall Commencement Ceremony.

•   If undergraduate candidates are not participating in the Commencement Ceremony,do they have to pay the $75.00 graduation fee?

a.   YES. All graduating seniors must pay the graduation fee.

•  What does the $75.00 graduation  fee cover?

a.   For undergraduates, the fee covers the cost ofthe bachelor's unit (cap, gown, tassel w/signet, and white collars for female graduates) which costs approximately $30.00. The remainder of the fee goes toward the graduating class's gift.

•  What is the graduation  fee for the master's degree graduates?

a.   The fee for master's degree graduates if $105.00 which covers the cost of the cap, gown, tassel, and hood. The remainder ofthe fee goes toward the graduating class's gift.

•  What is the deadline to pay the graduation  fee?

a.   The deadline is the same for all things connected with graduation, (see the calendar).

•  How much will students pay for their graduation fee if the student will receive more than one degree?

a.   One or more undergraduate degrees in the same area (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) completed in the same semester is $75.00 total (essentially one degree with a double major) and the student will receive one diploma.

b.   One undergraduate degree completed in the one semester and another undergraduate completed another semester would be $75.00/each.

c.   One Bachelor of Arts and one Bachelor of Science would be $75.00 plus $40.00 for the second diploma.

•   If a student is graduating with two or more majors and wants them on separate diplomas,is there an additional cost?

a.   YES. If a student is graduating with two majors in the same area {Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science- a double major) and makes a request for a second diploma, the student will pay the $75.00 graduation fee and $40.00 for each additional diploma.

•  When must all requirements for graduation  be completed including transfer of credits, final grades,etc. in order for students to participate in the commencement ceremony?

a.   No later than 12:00 no,on on the date designated by the Registrar.

•  What if I am waiting on a grade change or taking a credit by exam?

a.   ALL grades, transfer credits, outstanding Incomplete grades, grade changes, credit by exam, CLEP, etc. must be received in the Office ofthe Registrar by deadline posted.

•  How will I be made aware of any changes in my graduation status?

a.   The Office ofthe Registrar will notify you of any change to your graduation status via your B-CU email account and ONLY via your B-CU email account. Check your B-CU email account often.

•  What is the purpose of the online graduation course?

a.   The purpose of the graduation course is to provide prospective graduates with important information they must know from the offices of Financial Aid,Student Accounts, Alumni, Bookstore,Student Affairs, and the Registrar's Office before commencement. Candidates for graduation must be cleared academically and financially in order to graduate.

•  When will I be able to get admission tickets for the Commencement Ceremony?

a.   Candidates for graduation will not receive admission tickets until the University has confirmed that they have satisfied all academic and financial requirements. Check the website and your B-CU email for announcements and specific information.

•  How many tickets will graduates receive for the Commencement Ceremony?

a.   Confirmed  graduates will receive one admission "pass" for themselves and a maximum of ten admission tickets for guests.

•  Will there be a waiting list for additional tickets?

a.   NO. The University will not offer a waiting list for additional tickets.

•  When will I need to pick up tickets for Commencement,name  cards,and honor cords?

a.   Confirmed graduates must present a B-CU ID or other photo identification to pick up these items. Graduates may pick up Commencement tickets, name cards, and honor cords in the PAC lobby during the week of graduation. specific date and time to be announced.

•What do I wear to the Service of Consecration and the Commencement Ceremony?

a.   All participants in the Commencement Ceremony and Service of Consecration including  students, administration, faculty, and staff WILL follow  the dress code outlined below.*


Black or dark colored  dresses or skirts and blouses Black shoes (Heels lower than 3" recommended) Posts or small hoop earrings

Full academic regalia (cap, tassel, gown, and master's hood)



Black or navy blue slacks

White  dress shirt

Black or dark colored tie

Black shoes

No excessive jewelry

Full academic regalia (cap,tassel, gown, and master's  hood)

•   Undergraduate candidates wear tassels on the right side of cap until instructed to move the tassel to the left during the ceremony.

•   Graduate candidates wear tassels on the left side of the cap and carry the master's  hoods on the

right arm.


Revision Dates:  1/29/09; 2/19/09;7/21/09;10/30/09

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