1. What are all the responsibilities of a candidate for graduation?

Responsibilities of graduating students include the following:

A) Apply for graduation prior to the start of your last semester

B) Satisfy all academic requirements (pass all courses with the required minimum grade)

C) Order cap, gown, and invitations by posted deadlines (check with the Bookstore)

D)Satisfy all financial obligations (including parking tickets, library fines, housing fines, etc.)

E) Pay appropriate graduation fee by May 1, 2015

F) Complete financial aid online exit interview by May 1, 2015

G) Participate in the graduating class meetings

H) Check B-CU website for commencement information

I) Participate in the graduation events, if possible

J) Pick up complimentary admission tickets for guests to attend the Commencement Ceremony

K) Comply with the dress code for academic regalia

L)Conduct yourself in a respectful manner at all times during the commencement ceremony by exhibiting the proper decorum associated with the solemnity of the occasion

2. If I do not complete all my academic requirements this semester, may I still walk in the Commencement Ceremony?

NO. According to the long standing University policy, students must complete all graduation requirements (academic and financial) in order to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.

3. If I submit a graduation application for this semester but do not successfully complete all graduation requirements this semester, do I have to submit another degree application for next semester?

YES. Students must re-apply for graduation. We will re-audit to ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses to graduate.

4. For students who finish all graduation requirements during the summer, what will be the date on their transcripts and diplomas?

The official date on the transcript and the diploma for summer graduates will be the last day of the summer semester. Summer graduates may request official copies of their transcripts once all final grades have been posted and all graduation requirements (academic and financial) have been met. Please be sure to indicate if you are expecting a graduation date to be posted on your transcript; awarding degrees takes additional time after final grades are submitted.

5. For students who finish all graduation requirements in the summer, when will they receive their diplomas?

Summer graduates will receive their diplomas at the Fall Commencement Ceremony.

6. If undergraduate candidates are not participating in the Commencement Ceremony, do they have to pay the $75.00 graduation fee?

YES. All graduating seniors must pay the graduation fee.

7. What does the $75.00 graduation fee cover?

For undergraduates, the fee covers the cost of the bachelor's graduation regalia unit (cap, gown, tassel w/signet, and white collars for female graduates) and the remainder of the fee goes toward the graduating class's gift.

8. What is the graduation fee for the master's degree graduates?

The fee for master's degree graduates is $105.00. This covers the cost of the graduation regalia (cap, gown, tassel, and hood), and the graduating class's gift.

9. What is the deadline to pay the graduation fee?

May 1, 2015. All things pertaining to graduation, except for the final exams, are due this day.

10. How much will students pay for their graduation fee if the student will receive more than one degree?

One or more undergraduate degrees in the same area (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) completed in the same semester is $75.00 total (essentially one degree with a double major) and the student will receive one diploma.

One undergraduate degree completed in the one semester and another undergraduate completed another semester would be $75.00 each.

One Bachelor of Arts and one Bachelor of Science completed in the same semester would be $75.00 plus $40.00 for the second diploma.

11. If a student is graduating with two or more majors and wants them on separate diplomas, is there an additional cost?

If a student is graduating with two majors in the same area (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science a double major) and makes a request for a second diploma, the student will pay $40.00 for each additional diploma along with the $75.00 graduation fee. Please note that minors and concentrations do not print on diplomas. They print only on transcripts.

12. When must all requirements for graduation be completed (including transfer of credits, final grades, outstanding fees, etc.) in order for students to participate in the commencement ceremony?

Final exams will be held with the rest of the campus on May 4, 5, and 6. Final Graduate Grades are due by noon on Friday, May 7th. All other outstanding graduation related items are due by May 1st.

13. What if I am waiting on a grade change or taking a credit by exam?

ALL transfer credits, outstanding incomplete grades, grade changes, credit by exam, CLEP, etc. must be received in the Office of the Registrar by May 1, 2015, by 3:00 pm.

14. How will I be made aware of any changes in my graduation status?

The Office of the Registrar will notify you of your graduation status via your B-CU email account and ONLY via your B-CU email account. Check your B-CU email account often. After your initial audit and notification, we will re-review your application only after all final grades have been received. If you make changes to your schedule or do not complete required courses, please contact the Office of the Registrar to check on what effect this may have on your already completed graduation audit.

15. How many tickets will graduates receive for the Commencement Ceremony?

Confirmed graduates will receive one admission pass for themselves and a maximum of up to a maximum of 8 admission tickets.

16. Will there be a waiting list for additional tickets?

The University will not offer a waiting list for additional tickets.

17. When will I need to pick up tickets for Commencement, name cards, and honor cords?

Prospective Graduates must present a B-CU ID or other photo identification to pick up these items. Graduates may pick up Commencement tickets and name cards in the PAC lobby on Thursday, April 30th and Friday, May 1st between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Honor cords will be distributed at the Service of Consecration.

18. When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas will be distributed to all graduates who are academically and financially clear immediately following the commencement ceremony. Please do not forget to pick yours up. They may also be picked up at the Office of the Registrar, beginning May 14th. Any diplomas not picked up by June 17th, 2015, will be mailed out to the address listed on your graduation application via certified return receipt mail.

19. When will I receive my complementary final transcripts?

Final transcripts will be enclosed in diploma packets picked up following the ceremony on May 13th.

20. What do I wear to the Service of Consecration and the Commencement Ceremony?

All participants in the Commencement Ceremony and Service of Consecration including students, administration, faculty, and staff WILL follow the dress code outlined below.*


Black or dark colored dresses or skirts and blouses

Black shoes (Heels lower than 3" recommended)

Posts or small hoop earrings

Full academic regalia (cap, tassel, gown, and master's hood)


Black or navy blue slacks

White dress shirt

Black or dark colored tie

Black shoes

No excessive jewelry

Full academic regalia (cap, tassel, gown, and master's hood)


Undergraduate candidates wear tassels on the right side of the cap until instructed to move the tassel to the left during the ceremony.

Graduate candidates wear tassels on the left side of the cap and carry the master's hoods on the right arm.

*Students who do not adhere to the above dress code will be turned away and not allowed to participate in the ceremony.

21. Additional questions?

Please direct any further questions to Graduation@cookman.edu